Features never heard before

Reduces bandwidth utilization up to 80%

Synchronous Bandwidth Optimizer (SBO) is a "Point-To-Multi Point" bandwidth optimization technology for VoIP Communication. Using loss less compression technology it can reduce bandwidth usage up to 80% and reduce cost significantly and still maintain superior voice quality.  Learn more

Works with all type of devices

Available in CD, USB Flash Drive and Server Version

SBO works with any type of gateway and voip devices i.e. Quintum analogue and digital gateways, Cisco analogue and digital gateways, Eurotech analogue and digital gateways, GoIP gateways, Suncom gateways and any standard sip devices.Learn more

Download, burn & run - It's simple.

Start saving money today with SBO V.2

SBO is available for download as ISO image. It is bootable from CD or USD flash drive. Download, burn it to CD or USB flash drive and run, its that simple. You will need to have a server/pc where you will need to run this.  Learn more

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Rented SBO Service for USD 360/m per E1 only

SBO is available only monthly rental basis now and it is per E1 (30/32 Concurrency) basis. It includes SBO server and client software, installation, 12/7 SyncCare support and many more. Please contact with us now to subscribe or know more regarding SBO service. Learn more

Save up to 80% with SBO

Synchronous Bandwidth Optimizer (SBO)- the pioneering VoIP bandwidth saver technology reduces your transmission cost by 80% and above without degrading quality, rather it increases ACD by 1-2 minutes. See how..

VoIP with private IP and DHCP

You heared correct, VoIP termination is now possible from any type of NAT and Firewall. We simply say that "if you get ping reply from your internet connection, it is good enough for using for your VoIP termination setup yet maintaining premium voice quality. SBO can do all these for you and provide new business opportunity. See how.

Increase Route Quality with SBO

Increase your VoIP termination route quality by SBO - the premium, pioneering and market leading bandwidth optimizaiton technology and increase your business. SBO can increase Average Call Duration (ASR) of VoIP route by 1-2 minutes which denotes increase in the voice quality. See how..

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